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Disaster Area Designs DPC-8EZ Bypass Switcher - Black

Compact pedalboard control system with eight effects loops and MIDI

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Disaster Area Designs
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Product Description
Additional Information
  • Product Description

    The Disaster Area Designs DPC-8EZ is a compact pedalboard control system with eight effects loops and MIDI. The DPC-8EZ is similar to the popular DPC-5 pedalboard controller but has more effects loops and a simplified MIDI implementation.

    The DPC-8EZ is fully compatible with the Disaster Area Gen2 pedal controllers, including the DMC-6D and DMC-7D. Combining a DPC-8EZ with a DMC-7D allows the player to use the DMC-7D as a powerful preset organizer and MIDI controller, while leaving the DPC-8EZ in direct access mode for quick pedal selection.

    Please note that in order to pack the maximum connectivity into the DPC-8EZ, the jack spacing is very tight. Disaster Area have tested several different brands and types of patch cables and have found DisasterPlugs to be the best solution for cabling up a DPC-8EZ. 36 plugs (3 kits) are required to cable 8 effects and one volume pedal into a DPC-8EZ. Other options include George L’s and Lava solderless kits, including Mini-ELC and Tightrope kits. Customers wishing to use soldered connections may use Switchcraft 380 straight plugs.

    Preset Mode:

    • Button 1-4: Select a preset. Tap the current preset for bypass.
    • Button 5: Change preset banks. Hold to enter direct access mode.
    • Special Functions:
    • Button 1: Hold for tuner mute
    • Button 2: Hold to select folder 1-4

    Direct Access Mode:

    • Button 1-4: Select loops 1-4 (blue bank) or loops 5-8 (green bank.)
    • Button 5: Change loop banks (1-4 or 5-8.) Hold to enter preset mode.
    • Special Functions:
    • Button 1: Hold for Tuner Mute
    • Button 4: Hold to save the current loop settings to a preset

    Configuration Options:

    Hold Buttons at boot to change settings.

    • Buttons 1+5: Factory Reset
    • Buttons 1+4: Reset config only (retains presets)
    • Buttons 1+2: Firmware Update Mode
    • Button 1: Enable MIDI channel learning / autoconfig. Works with DMC-6D / 7D, DPC-5 as master
    • Button 2: Change startup mode. DPC-8EZ starts in either preset mode or direct access mode
    • Button 3: Enable / disable Stereo Link
    • Button 4: Change MIDI output from THRU to MERGE - DPC-8EZ sends program changes in MERGE mode.
    • Button 5: Enable or disable Automatic Noise Reduction - ANR mutes the output while switching to eliminate pops or clicks

    DPC-8EZ Insert Connector

    The DPC-8EZ Insert allows the controller to function as two separate switching systems with separate audio paths

    • Split the paths to place loops 1-4 in the preamp of your amp, 5-8 in the effects loop
    • Split the paths to switch effects in two separate amplifiers or signal chains
    • Place a volume pedal after your drive pedals / before your modulation and time-based effects
    • Use the Stereo Link feature to have the left stereo channel use loops 1-4 and the right stereo channel use loops 5-8

    MIDI Functions

    The DPC-8EZ features a limited but powerful MIDI implementation. Selecting a preset on the DPC-8EZ will send a MIDI program change message to any other connected MIDI devices (MERGE mode.) This program sending is fixed per preset, and may be disabled. If the MIDI sending / MERGE is disabled, the MIDI input still acts as a MIDI thru.

    Each loop on the DPC-8EZ may also be controlled by a MIDI CC (continuous controller) message. The DMC-7D, DMC-6D, and DPC-5 can control the DPC-8EZ as a slave device. This allows the DMC or DPC-5 to select saved presets on the DPC-8EZ and still pass MIDI control data to any other MIDI pedals on your board. The DPC-8EZ does not support multiple MIDI channel control or program mapping like the DPC-5 or DMC-6D / DMC-7D.


    • Compact size – 10″ x 2.6″ x 2″ excluding switch caps and jacks.
    • No special power supply required – uses less than 120mA, 9V from a Pedal Power 2 or similar.
    • 5 footswitches for preset selection or manual effects loop control.
    • 48 presets accessible by foot, arranged in four folders with three banks of four presets each.
    • 128 presets accessible using an external MIDI controller
    • Full MIDI control of presets and effects loops
    • 8 effects loops with a custom-designed switching matrix
    • Dedicated insert connection between loops 4 and 5
    • Always-on tuner out with tuner mute.
    • New Z-MODE buffer allows you to tailor the impedance to work pefectly with fuzz, vibe, wah, and other impedance-sensitive pedals
  • Additional Information

    Condition New
    Length 2.6 in
    Width 10 in
    Height 2 in
    Power Consumption <120 mA
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