1176 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90012
An industry vet with extensive experience, Chris Bolitho joined Vintage King in 2012 to set up our nationwide sound equipment for picture and DAW division, VK POST. Prior to beginning his VK tenure, Chris worked for another LA-based reseller for 9 years as a sales and marketing manager, running the events and website department as well as handling many of their corporate and professional accounts. Before that, he worked across the pond as a UK Sales Manager for Apple and Digidesign (AVID) at Digital Village. His clients in London included the BBC, John Paul Jones, David Gilmore, and many post-production facilities in London's West End, Soho, Ealing, and Pinewood.

Chris has a Bachelor's in Electronic Music and Economics, indicative of his talents in finding creative, efficient studio solutions on any scale. He started honing those skills in the studio, where he engineered for several recording labels, gaining attention for his tech savvy and knowledge of the gear. His passion for the tech side of things grew, leading him to officially specialize in professional audio equipment consulting and sales in 1998, where he continues to enjoy connecting creative people with effective technology. He and his wife became proud parents in 2011.

Chris, The recent Avid event was very beneficial (as was the UA gathering). Not only was I able to better understand the S6, and ask questions to the actual people involved, but coming in to Vintage King gives me the opportunity to see and touch interesting new equipment. Of course hanging with old friends is an added benefit in a usually isolated LA. Thank you for your store's approach, and for inviting me to your events.
Ron H


The Rednet sounds fantastic and was surprisingly easy to get up and running, and the iMacs are beautiful!

We really appreciate you making this whole process easy for us and being available for the consultations - we will absolutely be getting in touch next time we do another studio upgrade!

Sam & Alexis


The sonic richness, warmth and depth of sound I would credit to API and Shadow Hills. The foresight and knowledge required to make the right kit choices at the right time is a huge credit to Chris Boltiho and Vintage King. Thanks Chris!

Thanks Chris!

RW Smith

Film Composer



Hi Chris,
So now that you've received PO's, I wanted to let you know just how much I have enjoyed this whole process with you; from our first phone conversation to coming to the store, and all our follow up conversations since. Not only did I find your depth of knowledge of all the products we have discussed to be accurate and on point, but you also seemed genuinely interested in helping me make the right choices for the studio, rather than "sell" me on specific products that I know you could make more money on as a salesman. It was for these reasons that I have switched to you as my preferred vendor for future purchases rather than the years I have dealt with Sweetwater and Alto Music (although Alto sometimes beats your pricing on certain items!). I know this was a long time coming so I also wanted to thank you for being patient with me. I'm sure you realize how slowly things can move when dealing with educational and government accounts.

I also wanted you to know that Luke Baldry from Audient also exemplified the same qualities in helping me make the right console selection as well. He was a pleasure to chat with. Thanks for putting that together.

Chris, I find you to be very easy to deal with and instrumental in helping me to make the right choices for my purchases and in this case the new space. At the end of the day I try do business with people that I like as long as they possess the knowledge necessary to inform me to make sound decisions. I feel I have found that with you for future consultations and purchases.

Construction is just about finished (punch list walk- through was last Thursday). Pix and vids to follow when all the gear is in. And of course my music and projects, as well as my students' music.

Thank you again for all your assistance,


Hi Chris,

Thank you so much for getting this all sorted out. The Adam Sub 12 sounds amazing!! I forgot how good the loaner Adam sub 12 was.... It plays so clean with no harmonic distortion or rattle. Sine waves all the way down to 22hz sound beautiful and crystal clear even at a high volume.

Thanks again!!

Matt L



UAD card received. Thank you so much for helping see this investment through. I am very happy with everything so far. Chris, your guidance was invaluable. I hope to meet you and the team sometime soon!

With Gratitude,

Will W
Composer, Producer, Engineer

Hey guys,

Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you guys again for suggesting that MOTU unit that we picked up from you last month and helping me get it all set up.

It ended up working out beautifully and made me look like an all-star with the camera crew down there. Locked up to their cameras for 18 days in a row without any trouble! You guys rule.

Dan Moore


I got the Unity Rocks the week after the July 4th weekend, and I've been enjoying them since then. I was wondering how much bass they would have, but they are great in that department despite the rather small woofers. They don't pound you with bass, but they play sine waves down to 35Hz pretty well, and they have an accurate and balanced low end. I don't think I'll be needing a subwoofer for what I do with them. I was hooked well before the 2 week return period passed, and I won't be sending them back. Thanks for staying on top of Unity Audio to get them to me.

Craig Allison


Hey Chris,

Wanted to come by and say bye yesterday but saw you were busy with a client so just wanted to shoot you this email saying thanks for being so helpful especially last minute and getting all the gear together. Will be looking forward to hearing from you once the speaker stands and 103 get in.


Hey Chris and Robert,

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to you both for helping me get the RME card so quickly. Also, (it may seem weird to compliment this but…) it was the correct product that got delivered. That makes a huge difference when people are counting on accuracy of their order to make an event happen and a client happy. You guys made me look great.

Thank you again guys!!
Doug W
Thanks again for your customer service and professional demeanor; it means a lot to me.

Tim R

Thanks for the link to the presentation. That was so helpful, that I forwarded to a bunch of friends in the biz. Very good and informative. I received the 1176 and Pultec EQ today, put in my new Argosy rack, and tested them both.  Both seemed in great shape, worked well, and were packed very well. Nice job VK!  You guys really do a great job! I am pleased! I am interested in the items in the quote and I am also interested in purchasing some more preamps, possibly API.  

Let's talk soon!

Got my Retro 2a3 on Monday, got here quick, great deal, Sounds Amazing…and I'm mixing the band again.

Thanks for everything I'll be BACK
Rick V.

Thank you Chris, you've been great to work with and I appreciate how easy you've made this for me.

David T

Q & A
What is your favorite piece of gear?
I'm a Pro Tools guy, and helping a friend and client plan and implement a powerful Pro Tools rig, with a large format control surface, hardware inserts, plenty of DSP and a good selection of awesome plugins is what I get the most satisfaction from every time.
What piece of gear do you think changed history?
If we're talking history-changing inventions, then the electromagnetic induction microphone, and its counterpart the loudspeaker have done more to change recording and broadcast history than anything else. Ever since then it's been incremental changes – wire becomes tape, single track becomes multiple tracks – and so on. The invention of the Analog to Digital converter ushered in a whole new era of recording possibilities, culminating in today's high-end computer-based audio workstations – and in my opinion we're only realizing a tiny amount of the creative possibilities that these machines give us.
What made you want to work with Vintage King?
I had been admiring Vintage King and the company's stratospheric growth trajectory and commitment to excellence from afar for a few years. From time to time I had reason to interact with the VK team, or experience their marketing and events, and was always impressed with their attitude and efficiency. Here, at last, was a company in the audio equipment market that isn't afraid to invest in the right people, technology, infrastructure and inventory to provide the best possible experience for their staff, their customers and their manufacturing partners.

When I heard that Vintage King was coming to Los Angeles, setting up the best Pro Audio showroom in the world, and was to be offering Pro Tools systems nationwide in addition to all the great gear that they are already renowned for, I decided I wanted to be a part of this phenomena.

My background is in sound-for-picture and digital audio workstation workflows. I've spent 15 years in London and Los Angeles selling Pro Tools systems. As LA's recording business is so sound-for-picture centered, I was pleased to be able to combine my skill sets, experience and knowledge with VK's existing strengths. Between us we offer the best of both worlds, superior knowledge and experience of high-end and classic outboard gear, microphones and classic recording technology, and an understanding of the latest sophisticated digital workflows, and how it all fits together. I'm pleased to be heading-up Vintage King's nationwide sound for picture and broadcast division, VK Post.