• Apple Announces Configuration Changes For Mac Pro

    The news broke earlier today that Apple is finally looking at making significant changes to their Mac Pro computer. While the company said that they would not be releasing a new product this year, they did announce that they would be offering new configurations of the current edition of the Mac Pro in 2017. Continue reading
  • Vintage King Brings Incredible Gear To NAB Show 2017

    The need to create content has never been higher and when doing so, it's important to ensure that you are creating high-quality output for the world to consume. To keep up on the latest trends in content, the annual NAB Show gives creators the ability to learn about new technology that can help push their creations to the next level. Continue reading
  • Jeffery Alan Jones Brings Home The Power Of The Avid S6

    Whether leading an orchestra, writing his own compositions or handling large-scale mixes for film, television and video games, Jeffery Alan Jones has relied on an incredible sense of organization to keep himself on top of his work. In order to further his ability to work on projects in an orderly manner, the Los Angeles-based creator recently teamed with Vintage King when looking for a new control surface and brought home an Avid S6. Continue reading

  • Sound Brigade Picks Up Avid ICON From Vintage King


    After meeting at an impromptu jam session in 2010, Ken Cain and Brett Bach both realized that they had a new ally in the world of post-production. The duo, who says the only difference between them is that "Brett wears Vans and Ken wears Converse," began hiring each other for different freelance jobs until finally joining forces and founding Sound Brigade in 2013.

    Since going full-time with Sound Brigade, the duo has built an incredible track record for sound supervision, sound mixing, sound design, sound editorial and ADR/VO recording. In 2016, Bach and Cain teamed up with Vintage King's Alex Oana to upgrade their control surface and bring an Avid ICON into their studio space. We caught up with the duo and talked about the difference the ICON has made, how they pick gear for their studio and what they love about working in the world of post-production. Continue reading

  • Dan Pinder Discovers The Magic Of Trinnov Audio Gear


    The world of creating and editing music for the film industry is a completely different beast from most other positions in the recording industry. Filled with days and nights in unique studio situations that offer varying sonic results, the most stable way to confirm an excellent end product is by having the gear you know and trust at your disposal. Yet, what happens when that equipment seemingly leads you astray? For Dan Pinder, he turned to Vintage King to help him find the answer.

    As a music editor on major film projects like The Dark Knight, Turbo, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl and countless others, Pinder has grown accustomed to a life of moving from studio to studio. However, as his monitoring situation began to cause stress in his workflow, the England native consulted with our own Bill Learned about using gear from Trinnov Audio to fix his issues. Discover how the duo tackled Dan's monitor issues and gave him confidence in the speakers that he already had been using in his mobile studio set-up. Continue reading

  • Make Your Mark With Ben Pacheco Of Future Perfect Music


    In the time since he walked the halls of the University of Vermont as a mechanical engineering student, Ben Pacheco has become even farther removed from the career path he once envisioned for himself. Bypassing engineering for a stint in Berklee’s music synth department, his love of sound led him to develop a passion for making music for commercial use. Continue reading

  • RedNet and Avid Brings Quality Audio And Networking To Eleven Sound


    Since opening in 1999, Eleven Sound has done everything possible to achieve audio excellence in the world of post-production. Through bringing in essential gear and staying on top of the latest techniques, founder Jeff Payne and his three fellow sound mixers (Scott Burns, Ben Freer and AJ Murillo), have created industry-leading work for clients like Verizon, Dodge, Pepsi and more. Continue reading

  • Tracking With Jody Boyd Of 9WG Studios


    Jody Boyd, the founder and owner of 9WG Studios, spent the early part of his career working in the confines of studios owned by other people. Learning the ropes in control rooms and post-production houses, he quickly theorized what he would do when putting together his own space. “I realized that I needed to be a jack of all trades to survive in this environment,” Boyd says. Continue reading

  • Make Your Mark With Vince Tennant of Wild Woods


    In the world of post-production, life is forever changing. New projects are constantly coming in, forcing editors to adapt and react to the different sounds they are dealing with. For Vince Tennant, Director of Audio for Wild Woods Post Production Sound, his success is based on looking at the smallest details. Continue reading

  • Vintage King Helps Team Detroit Secure Powerful Post Production Set-Up


    Powerhouse ad agency Team Detroit knew they were reaching the end of the line with their existing Pro Tools system. With a roster of elite clients and work regularly reaching the global market, they wanted a newer, more powerful post-production setup.

    After bringing in a number of vendors, Team Detroit elected to partner with Vintage King Audio's VK Post team, a seasoned group of audio professionals specializing in serving the post and broadcast market. Continue reading

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