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  • Music Documentaries To Watch Over The Holidays


    It's that time of year when life slows down a little bit and you get to enjoy some more leisure time at home. There's no better way to relax than laying back on the couch and catching up on some music documentaries that you might have missed. 2016 was another banner year for music docs and we've put together a list of some of our favorites for you to check out over the holidays. Enjoy your time off, you deserve it! Continue reading

  • Around The Shop: Santa Claus Returns To The Vintage King Tech Shop

    After visiting the Vintage King Tech Shop last year, Santa hit us up about taking over some bench space around the holidays in 2016, so that he could work with our techs on a few special projects. True to his word, the jolly old man in the bright red suit returned earlier this week and set about exploring our warehouse for a few last-minute gifts for the good girls and boys of the studio world. Check out Santa's visit to the Vintage King Tech Shop below and see more of our latest vintage and used gear here. Continue reading
  • Best Guitar Pedals Of 2016


    2016 was another banner year for guitar pedals. Just when you thought everything that could be done had been created, the fantastic minds at some of our favorite companies outdid themselves once again. We asked our in-house guitar heroes, Dustin McLaughlin and Eric Allen, to pick five of their favorites from the past year and talk about why they have been worthy additions to their pedalboards. Continue reading

  • Chase Bliss Audio Introduces Spectre Blue Knob Mod

    After spending his formative years learning the trade at ZVEX Effects, Joel Korte started Chase Bliss Audio and created his first original pedal, the chorus/vibrato pedal aptly titled Warped Vinyl. Now five pedals deep into his line, Joel Korte has established a dedicated fanbase of freaks and geeks that crave something far beyond your run of the mill, 2-knob modulation pedal.

    In 2015, Chase Bliss released a through-zero flanger/modulation box called the Spectre, which was met with rave reviews. However, a common inquiry that Joel received pertained to the level of white noise when engaging the effect. As development for his next pedal, the Tonal Recall pressed on, Joel heard his customers loud and clear and revisited the noise issue on the Spectre with the Blue Knob Mod, thus bringing it down significantly. Continue reading

  • Vintage King and Burl Audio Are Giving Away A B2 Bomber ADC

    Known for their hearty gear fueled by soul power, Burl Audio has been changing the studio game since the release of the very first converter. The brand's B2 Bomber ADC is an incredible two-channel 192kHz analog/digital converter that has won rave reviews from a long list of engineers, mixers and producers from around the world. Continue reading
  • How To Get Started Recording A Podcast


    With the incredible success of podcasts like Serial, Comedy Bang Bang, WTF With Marc Maron and many others, there has been an explosion of internet-based audio series. If you're like most other podcast fans, you've probably said, "I can do this too," and thought about how you can start making your own episodic audio masterpieces. The truth is that it's extremely simple. Continue reading

  • Vintage King Staff's Holiday Wishlist


    We’ve been getting into the holiday spirit at Vintage King and, as usual, our season’s greetings have turned into talk about the gear that we'd like from Santa. In-Store asked a few of our staff members to expand on what they'd like to receive this holiday season for use in their own home studios and on stage. Continue reading

  • The Strymon Riverside Offers A New Alternative In Gain


    Strymon has added another wildly anticipated stompbox to their prestigious catalog of genius innovations. Meet the Riverside Multistage Drive, a new harmonically rich drive pedal that strives to offer players a wide range of different drive options. Before we get into the real details of the Strymon Riverside, let's talk a little history. Continue reading

  • Ten Black Friday Deals You Can't Miss At Vintage King


    We kicked off our Black Friday sale this morning with tons of incredible deals on our selection of the world's best pro audio gear. You can check out all of our Black Friday sales by clicking here, but we've picked ten special ones that you can't miss out on and listed them below. Continue reading below to see them and have a happy Black Friday! Continue reading

  • Chandler Limited Introduces EMI REDD Microphone


    The great minds at Chandler Limited are at it again with the launch of the brand's very first mic, the REDD Microphone. Much like other pieces from Chandler Limited, the REDD Microphone is based on the designs of gear from EMI/Abbey Road Studios, with this particular model finding its footing in the work of Alan Blumlein. Continue reading

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