• Moog Offers $500 Instant Rebate On MiniMoog Model D Reissue


    Update: Through Sunday, April 30th 2017, Moog Music is offering a $500 instant rebate on the Minimoog Model D. To take advantage of this fantastic deal, please click here and you'll save instantly on this classic synthesizer. Continue reading

  • Allen Sides Visits The Vintage King Tech Shop And Talks Recording Techniques

    We were extremely fortunate to have noted engineer, producer and studio owner Allen Sides, stop by the Vintage King Tech Shop a few weeks ago. Allen's career is nothing short of epic as he has worked on over 500 albums including titles by Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Duke Ellington, Phil Collins, Green Day, Eric Clapton, Joni Mitchell and more. Continue reading
  • Sean Neff Discovers The Power Of The Avid S3


    After playing in bands for years in his native Texas, Sean Neff found himself on the other side of the studio working as a mix and recording engineer. Since arriving in his new home of Nashville, he can hardly remember a time before he adopted Avid software into his workflow. "I'm trying to remember when I haven't gone to my doc and hit the button for Pro Tools," says Neff. "I don't know life without it." Continue reading

  • Deni Mesanovic Of Mesanovic Microphones Talks Ribbon Mics And More


    Finding his way into music via his older brother's guitar, Deni Mesanovic of Mesanovic Microphones quickly advanced to recording his Metallica and Slayer-inspired high school bands. Coming from a family full of mechanics, it's no surprise that a DIY aesthetic was instilled into the budding musician. "My dad’s entire family is made up of mechanics, so if something breaks, you fix it yourself," Mesanovic says.

    Aside from developing his independent spirit, Mesanovic's father also taught him the ropes of working the lathe in his mechanic shop that catered to semi-trucks. After making the decision to attend the University of Michigan, Mesanovic applied his love for music and technical skills to an education in the recording arts, which quickly developed into a career in building microphones. Continue reading

  • The Soul Power Behind Burl Audio


    Since 2006, Burl Audio has been changing the world of pro audio one studio at a time and they wouldn't have it any other way. By taking their incredible converter creation, the B80 Mothership, around the world, owner/lead designer Rich Williams has amassed a group of followers that includes some of the biggest and brightest creators today like Eddie Kramer, Vance Powell and Dave Cobb. Continue reading

  • Lake Havasu High School and Vintage King Team Up For Student Studio Overhaul


    Located along the Colorado River, Lake Havasu High School in Arizona has built an incredible education platform on the idea of equipping students with the skills needed to utilize the world’s latest technology. To enrich the students’ knowledge of audio production, the school’s administration reached out to their own Director of the Community Performing Arts Center, Sam Brindis. Continue reading

  • Jefferson Shallenberger Of Sugar Percussion Discusses Hand-Built Drums


    When making the decision to start carrying drums, we knew we didn't just want to carry any old line of percussion instruments. We craved something creative and hand-built, something that would fit well in any recording studio or live setting. Enter Jefferson Shallenberger. As the brains and brawn behind Sugar Percussion, Jefferson has spent the past five years using his knowledge as a professional woodworker to perfect his craft of building drums. The results have been nothing short of stunning. Continue reading

  • Chandler Limited Talks TG Microphone Cassette, Abbey Road And More


    Iowa-based Chandler Limited has established an incredible relationship with EMI/Abbey Road Studios that allows them to develop faithful gear recreations from throughout the studio's storied history. The brand's latest piece of gear is the TG Microphone Cassette, a full-featured mixing console channel strip based on the famous TG12345 console, which was used on The Beatles’ Abbey Road, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass and more. Continue reading

  • Chris Mara Talks Tape In The Modern Studio With Vintage King


    Chris Mara, the brain trust behind Mara Machines and Welcome To 1979, has been resuscitating tape machines ever since he first started looking to bring one into his Nashville recording space. Not only has he spent much of his time restoring these pieces of recording gear, but he has also put a major effort into training a new generation about how tape machines still play a role in the studio today. Continue reading

  • Robin Porter Talks About The Brand New AMS Neve BCM10/2 Mk2


    Originally created in 1969 and released in 1970, the Neve BCM10 has since become a studio mainstay, thanks to its compact form and classic sound. When making the decision to revive a console from Neve's past catalog, AMS Neve lead designer Robin Porter eventually decided to bring back the BCM10, while also adding some modern innovations.

    Making its debut at AES 2015, the AMS Neve BCM10/2 Mk2 has already made a significant splash in the pro audio world. We caught up with Robin Porter a few weeks ago to chat about the effort to bring back a classic desk, the painpoints of this process and the unique changes that make this console ready for the studio of today. Continue reading

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