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  • Stone Deaf SD-30 Delivers Power And Punch With Options

    Like many of the great English amp makers before them, Stone Deaf is all about bringing the power of a classic tube amp to the people. The difference for Stone Deaf lies in the digital controls of their amplifiers like the SD-30. Featuring the best of both worlds, this amp presents players with the heartiness of an analog amp and an unbelievable array of digital controls and presets. Continue reading

  • Toward The Riff-Filled Land: 11 Heavy Tones For High Times

    Bigger. Badder. Louder. Slower. Pioneered by Black Sabbath then perfected by Saint Vitus and Sleep, the bulldozing sounds of metal guitars have long been the calling card of the heaviest of days. In honor of today in particular, we've selected some of our favorite guitar pedals to recreate classic riffs from over four decades of timeless metal artists. Continue reading toward the riff-filled land! Proceed! Continue reading

  • Meet The New Electro-Harmonix Synth9 Synthesizer Machine


    Over the past few years, Electro-Harmonix has been creating incredible pedals that bring the tones and sounds of classic key-based instruments to your pedalboard. Like the Mel9, B9, C9 and Key9 before it, the brand new Synth9 delivers on the same concept, but this time EHX is offering up nine familiar sounds from throughout the history of the synthesizer. Continue reading

  • Recreating The Guitar Sounds Behind Classic Irish Riffs

    When it comes to St. Patrick's Day, much ado will always be made about getting tipsy on green beer, corned beef and cabbage, leprechauns and other trademark Irish tropes. This year, we wanted to shine a light on one of the most overlooked exports of the Emerald Isle - killer rock 'n' roll riffs. We've dissected the guitar tones of six classic Irish rock riffs and are using some of our current guitar pedal staples to recreate them. Happy St. Patrick's Day! Continue reading
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  • Vintage King Giving Away Brand New Chase Bliss Audio Brothers Pedal

    Chase Bliss Brothers Audio Analog Gainstage Vintage King Giveaway
    Chase Bliss Audio has become known for their incredibly innovative pedals that give players a wide range of tonal options. Their latest release, Brothers, is built on two independent JFET / IC analog channels comprising a total of six unique boost, drive and fuzz circuits in one single pedal. Continue reading
  • The Basics of Miking An Acoustic Guitar

    In yesterday's blog, we went over the basics of tracking electric guitar, and now we're turning our attention to miking acoustic guitars. While many might think there isn't much more to the process than putting a microphone up to a guitar, there are many different ways to elevate your tracks from decent to outstanding. Continue reading

  • The Basics of Recording Electric Guitar

    While being a great player is as important as any gear one might use for recording electric guitar tracks, there are some essential tools needed to get the job done right. In this blog, we're focusing on some of the basics, including key pieces of equipment and techniques that can help you make your next session sound even better. Continue reading

  • Michael Elsner Talks Kemper's Profiler In And Out Of The Studio

    Having up grown up in the storied musical center of Woodstock, New York, guitarist Michael Elsner has long held a reverence for achieving the classic sounds of his musical heroes. Since becoming involved in the entertainment industry as a songwriter and producer, he’s taken this knack for exploring tones, applied it to his gear from Kemper Amplifiers, and created music for projects like American Idol, The Voice, Hannah Montana, and High School Musical 2.

    Dave Rieley from Vintage King recently sat down with Elsner to talk about how he uses gear from Kemper to create the many different tonal palettes he needs in his repertoire. Read on to discover how Kemper fits into his workflow in and out of the studio and how he utilizes pre-sets, modeled amplifiers and other features all on the same recordings. Continue reading

  • Hologram Electronics Delivers Synthy Sounds In Dream Sequence Pedal


    As technology advances and styles change, musicians are always looking for inspiration and new ways to push the limits of their sound. It’s not uncommon to see a guitar player with a mono-synth on stage, same as you might see a keyboard player with a fully loaded pedal board. Luckily for both types of players, the Hologram Electronics Dream Sequence exists as one of the most inventive and feature laden effects of the past 10 years. Continue reading

  • Best Guitar Pedals Of 2016


    2016 was another banner year for guitar pedals. Just when you thought everything that could be done had been created, the fantastic minds at some of our favorite companies outdid themselves once again. We asked our in-house guitar heroes, Dustin McLaughlin and Eric Allen, to pick five of their favorites from the past year and talk about why they have been worthy additions to their pedalboards. Continue reading

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