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Vintage King Ushers Second Canaan Missionary Baptist Church Into A New Era Of Live Sound

Posted on November 8, 2016 by Eric Allen There have been 0 comments


When it comes to spreading the word of the ministry, there is a deep importance in understanding and connecting with the speaker and musicians during a sermon or performance. Just ask Rondall Murray of the Second Canaan Missionary Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan. "In order to have a great worship service, the quality of the sound must be top-notch," Murray says. "It can make or break your service if the people of God have to strain to be able to hear what the pastor is preaching about or what the choir is singing."

To bring Second Canaan Baptist Church into the "future of sound equipment," Murray and Pastor Frank J. Harris Jr. reached out to Paul Johnson at Vintage King. Johnson, who has handled many installations in houses of worship of all different sizes, began working with Murray by assessing the issues that they were having with their current system and the space the facility had to offer.

Upon first visiting the building, Johnson noticed the immense ceiling space he had to work with. "I observed the height of the ceiling in it was close to 40'," Johnson states. "Considering the height of the space was long and relatively narrow, it was a textbook perfect place for a line array." For the build-out, Johnson opted for a QSC KLA line array system with two hangs each consisting of three KLA12s and one KLA181.

When Johnson was taken to the church's mix position, he realized that many of their sound issues were occurring because of the board's location on the balcony at the rear of the building. To make matters worse, the room was small and enclosed with only a tiny window allowing audio to pass through.


"I knew they needed to get out of that space and mix on the floor. The first thing I considered was Wifi Control. We recommended the Soundcraft SI Impact mixing console," Johnson says. "This allowed their sound team to use a tablet to connect to the console and mix from anywhere in the sanctuary. Power to the people, control was back in their hands. They were mixing from the audience, the stage and anywhere they walked throughout the venue. They were thrilled with this option."

To solve any issues with feedback, Johnson opted for an in-ear monitoring system for performers in his plans. "We took it a step further by removing many of the stage monitors and set the band up with a Hear Technologies Hear Back 4 Pack," Johnson states. "The in-ear monitor system has created an improved mixing environment. It allows the musicians to turn up their monitors without turning up their amplifiers. In other words, the people in the first few rows are no longer dealing with unpleasantly loud bass, keyboard and guitars that drown out the rest of the worship team."

With a simple installation that allowed the church's service schedule to continue as usual, Rondall Murray was extremely happy with the final results of the live sound overhaul. "Paul gave me an estimated date when the job would be completed and he kept his word and we never lost any time for the services or activities that we have at my church," Murray says. "The project was a complete success and the quality of the sound from the system is indescribable. My pastor, my church family and I are all very happy with the quality and the professionalism that Paul has shown us."

If you're interested learning more about how you can upgrade your own house of worship's sound system, please feel free to reach out with any questions or inquiries to Paul Johnson via email or by phone at 1.615.866.5015 Ext. 175.





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