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Meet Caroline Guitar Company's Météore VK Exclusive

Posted on November 19, 2015 by Eric Allen There have been 0 comments


Caroline Guitar Company finds inspiration in some of the most interesting places. The latest from Philippe and his crew, the Météore, is named for the Paris Metro's line 14 and finds influence in the space's incredible interior built from glass, tile and steel. For the Vintage King exclusive version, the pedal maker is offering up a unique paint job that ever-so-slightly resembles the Sony Sport Walkman.

As for the sound of the Météore, this pedal is a lo-fi reverb that plays off the much-beloved Kilobyte. Built on a similar frame to the delay pedal, the Météore utilizes a digital spring reverb “brick” to create traditional sounds, distortion-laden echoes and lush oscillation. To control the pedal's oscillation feature, Caroline has given the Météore a havoc button, which allows users to create an infinite hold on their reverb or build on a particular sound before completely destroying it.

Vintage King only has a small number of these exclusive pedals, so if you're interested in picking one up, head over to our Météore Sports Edition page and nab one before they are gone. Check out Phillipe's video and audio demos below, along with some of his favorite settings for this awesome new pedal.


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