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AudioQuest Offers Knowledge On Optimizing Your Computer For Audio

Posted on July 15, 2015 by Eric Allen There have been 0 comments


If you’ve spent any amount of time or money creating a studio workflow that involves a computer, odds are that you are concerned with getting the best sound possible. However, despite your best attempts to customize your computer wiring and settings, you still maybe hindering your audio output. Enter AudioQuest.

On Friday, July 24th, we’ll be hosting Steve Silberman, AudioQuest’s VP of Development, for a night of computer-based audio setup and optimization. Walking you through the computer’s essential preferences, settings and optimizations, Steve will ensure that you’ll get the most out of your existing investment. Additionally, we’ll be able to demonstrate and explain some affordable options and accessories that will add a higher degree of resolution, dynamics, and accuracy to the sound of your system.

AudioQuest makes incredibly powerful playback tools and components, such as the DragonFly, a micro-USB DAC, and the JitterBug, dual-circuit USB power line and data USB line conditioner. These tools will make optimizing your audio output via computer sound better than you could ever imagine it. Be sure to join us on July 24th to learn the full extent of your computer and AudioQuest’s amazing line of products.

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