Vintage King's Inside Look At Shure Microphones


Since their earliest days in 1925, when founder Sidney N. Shure sold radio kits, the Shure brand has been synonymous with innovation in the world of electronics and microphones. "The fact that he used his name for the company is something he was very proud of," says Shure Company Historian Michael Pettersen. "It was one of the reasons they decided to keep the quality of the company so high because it was his family's name."

The Vintage King team was recently invited to Niles, Illinois, the home of Shure, to get a rare in-depth look at the company's creative process, legendary archives and collection of ephemera. Opening their doors to celebrate the anniversary of the 55 Unidyne (the microphone that launched the company), Vintage King was given an all-access tour that included a look at the very first unidirectional mics designed by Shure engineer Ben Bauer.

Now, thanks to our friends at Shure, we are opening up the doors of their massive complex to Vintage King fans and friends with two exclusive videos of our tour. The first feature includes a look back on the history of Shure, along with a unique behind-the-scenes visit to the company's testing rooms, listening room and machine shop. In our second featurette, Pettersen discusses the legacy of the 55 Unidyne and introduces Shure's new, ultra-exclusive Shure 5575LE Unidyne.

Watch both Vintage King "An Inside Look At Shure" features below and continue onward in the blog to check out more exclusive photos from our trip.

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