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Pensado Vintage King Gear Expo 2013

Posted on July 17, 2013 by lmendez There have been 1 comment(s)


Vintage King Audio and the popular video series Pensado’s Place teamed up for Gear Expo 2013, the premiere audio event of the Summer in Los Angeles. While Dave Pensado and Herb Trawick chatted on stage with a top roster of artists, producers and engineers, attendees viewed new and vintage gear and met with sales representatives from prominent audio manufacturers.

“What a great Summer LA event to bring together people from all facets of the recording community,” commented Grammy®-winning engineer/producer Al Schmitt. “It was a special treat for me to share the Pensado’s Place stage with my friends Steve Genewick and Ryan Hewitt.”

Among the guests on the stage provided by Bedrock.LA were Al Schmitt, Steve Genewick, Ryan Hewitt, Rodney Jerkins, Alex Da Kid, Francois Tetaz, Side Brain, Steven Slate, Manny Marroquin, Paul Dateh, Printz Board, and Robert Duncan.

“The interaction between attendees and manufacturers was ideal, like a friendly mini-convention,” said Julian David, marketing manager of AEA Ribbon Mics.

Manufacturers who participated included A-Designs Audio, AEA Ribbon Mics, Apogee Electronics, Auralex Acoustics, ATC, Blue Microphones, Chandler Limited, Daking, Eventide, Focal, Lynx Studio Technology, Maag Audio, Mojave Audio, SPL/Brauner, Overstayer, Phoenix Audio, Primacoustic, Radial Engineering, Rascal Audio, Royer Labs, Standard Audio, Tree Audio, and Wave Distribution.

"What a turnout we had for this first VKLA Gear Expo!” commented Shevy Shovlin, Vintage King Audio director of partner marketing and PR. “Everyone coming together from LA and around the world – as far away as New Zealand – made this a very special day for the LA pro audio community. Between the star guests, vendors, manufacturers and Dave & Herb live, it couldn't have been better. At some point, you could have actually crowd-surfed at a pro audio gathering. Who ever thought that would happen?”


Check out photos from the 2013 Gear Expo!



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  • Assisted Dave Pensado in 08-10, Now I freelance and mix primarily out of Paramount Recording Studios.
    Hope I am not too late. Looking forward to the phoenix stuff!

    Posted on July 20, 2013 at 1:30 am

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