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Truphonic Raves About the Bock iFet!

Posted on November 13, 2012 by Van Doom There have been 0 comments

Charleston, SC 11/13/12 - Our gear challenge this fall was to find the ultimate kick drum microphone as we continue to refine the Truphonic sound. Working with Carl Dito and Jeff Leibovich we tested several legendary large condenser and ribbon mics in VKLA’s new mic room with a real kick drum Carl had arranged for us. The winner, hands down, the Bock iFet. Big, warm and present the Bock iFet gives our kick tracking the depth, power and feeling we’ve been looking for, and couldn’t find until now.

Here’s what Truphonic chief engineer Majeed Fick has to say: "Using the iFET has been a revelation in sound for me. It's been helping my kick drums "BOOM" since the moment I got it. Having two amplifier switches also provides versatility that even the original can't give. This mic is squeezing every little drop of useful quality that Mr. Bock is known for. It has quickly become a mainstay for every session, and at this price point good luck finding a better studio tool!!"

David Bock is a genius. He has taken the legendary 47fet design to a whole new level. With it’s dual voice and instrument topology, it’s huge on vocals and a myriad of other sources. We are proud owners of serial number 008 of the first 10 made. It’s a hand built, gorgeous tank of a microphone that goes to work in every session at Truphonic Recording. Thank you David for your incredible work and to Vintage King for bringing us all together!
Sincerely, Bruce Freshley, Truphonic Recording


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