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Formerly, an original member of the early '90s pop band Jellyfish (Virgin/ Charisma), Chris is a highly talented Bay Area producer / writer and multi-instrumentalist. After leaving Jellyfish, Chris signed on as an assistant engineer at the prestigious Plant Studios in Sausalito,Ca. During that time, he worked under producers such as Steve Lillywhite, Bob Rock and Jerry Harrison. Chris assisted and engineered on multi-platnium and 8 Grammy winning: "Supernatural" by Carlos Santana. He's worked on records for Metallica, Third Eye Blind (and sang back up vocals) Guster (and played bass) and Bouncing Souls.

After going freelance, Chris began producing for Jesse Colin Young (Youngbloods) and completed "Greatest Hits" at Jesse's private estate studio. Chris has produced records for 20 Minute Loop "one of the more refreshing musical experiences in months and months." ( and the self titled debut for American Drag "These guys can fuckin play" (-Relix Mag.) Chris, along with brother, Roger Joseph Manning Jr (Beck, Air, Jellyfish, Moog cookbook) re-mixed Henry Mancini's "The Pink Panther" for Sony Pictures' 2005 blockbuster starring Steve Martin.

Chris has also mixed, engineered, and done digital editing for Joe Satriani, David Grisman and Huey Lewis and the News- (live DVD w/ Grateful Dead engineer Jeffery Norman) Chris' recent work includes Thriving Ivory's self titled debut, which got the band signed to Wind Up records (Evanesence, Creed), And was hailed by Live 105 producer Greg Gory as one of the "top 10 albums of 2006". Also, he co-produced and mixed Chris Brown's self titled debut, which earned him additional "top 10 albums of 2006 " (-Absolute Power "...A stunning debut...flat out brilliant." (-Alan Haber / WEBR) Chris just finished producing the debut CD for San Francisco's alt pop darlings Minipop, whose first single "LIke I Do" made it to Live 105's top 25 songs for 2006. Chris is also in regular demand purely as a mixer. He is known by many as "The Band Witchdoctor" for the good vibes and magic he brings to every record he is a part of. His mixes are fat, punchy, warm, and transparent... His track record; VERY impressive :

Credits include:
Santana (Supernatural), Metallica (Garage inc.), Huey Lewis and The News (Live DVD), Third Eye Blind (Blue), Jellyfish (Bellybutton), Thriving Ivory (self titled debut), Joe Satriani (E.A. soundtrack), Jesse Colin Young (Greatest Hits), Guster (Lost and Gone Forever), David Grisman (Strummin with the Devil), Roy Rogers (Pleasure And Pain), Pink Panther Movie Soundtrack, Bouncing Souls (Hopeless Romantic), Zero (Live), Box Set (Lemonade), Scapegoat Wax (Lost Cause), Echobrain (Glean), Ted Nugent (Love Grenade 2007), Minipop (A New Hope 2007)

Has worked with:

Steve Lillywhite, Jack Joseph Puig, Jerry Harrison, Bob Rock, KC Porter, Ant Banks, Eric Thorngren, Mike Fraser, Albhy Galuten, Glen Kolotkin, Thom Wilson, Chris Bellman, Jason Carmer, John Siket, Neill King, Jack Blades Chris has Mixed or Recorded for:
Arista, Elektra, Epitaph, Virgin, Charisma, Hollywood, Sire, Eagle Rock, MCA, Chophouse, Milan, Pointblank, Priority, Fortune, MFLP

Chris Manning's Gear List

1. Smart Research C1
"My favorite stereo buss compressor, and an old standard that has endured the test of time."

2. Calrec pq-1161-02 preamps/eq
"These baby's rock on almost everything. Sort of 70's Neve meets API. The 10k shelf is sheer perfection"

3. Dangerous 2 Bus
"I'm a big fan of analogue summing. The 2-bus brings it all into perspective without a massive console."

4. 1176 (70's blackface)
"Vocals, bass, acoustic guitar....I like to use this in conjunction with a Distressor on my lead vocals"

5. Empirical Labs Distressor
"A must have compressor. I haven't found anything that this doesn't work on. (thank you empirical labs for inventing the "nuke button")"

6. API 2500
"I love this across the drums and stereo buss. Even in bypass, the color of the circuitry adds presence and excitement to a mix"

7. Lexicon PCM 60
"I love this reverb on drums. Its simple to use, fast and the eq color always seems to fit perfectly into the picture. A great bang for the buck reverb"

8. ProAc Studio 100's
"A new addition to my studio, I don't know how I ever got along without these. In conjunction with NS-10's and my Mackie HR 824-s I feel very comfortable mixing for days. But if I had to go with one speaker, it would be the Pro Ac 100's"

9. Dyna-mite
"A fantastic drum compressor that does a crushing job without breaking the bank"

10. Roland Re-501 "chorus echo"
"I'm always using this on vocals, guitars, and just for gooey cool soundscape stuff going on behind the picture (good working ones are hard to find though)"

11. McDSP Analog Channel 2
"This is one #$%&-ing excellent plug-in! It emulates analog tape machines and is very realistic sounding. I like printing my final mixes through it.....AND it has a saturation release function ! !"

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  • I would love to bring my old 64 fender vibroverb blackface tank amp with 15" JBL D 130F to hear how this genius would use it! It just sits here and never gets to make real noise!
    It has 2 6L6s and I think 7 other tubes in it. It was also used for keys a lot.
    Also love to record a tiny bit of me doing Riviera Paradise with a jazz twist and tweaked rhythm born mainly from paint and bleach- fume - induced drain bamage in a heat wave of 2012 in a home u know well.....

    Posted on January 13, 2013 at 2:26 am

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