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  • Universal Audio Announces Expanded Software For Apollo


    In more exciting news from NAMM, Universal Audio has announced that they will be expanding the Apollo to feature new plug-ins and a Console 2.0 interface. The Apollo Expanded software will make its debut in March 2015 with the ability to combine up to four Apollo units, adding extra I/0 and DSP to create a masterful studio set-up. Read Full Story

  • Avid Introduces Pro Tools 12 As Subscription-Based Service


    With the opening day of NAMM well under way, Avid has blown the doors off of the Anaheim Convention Center by introducing Pro Tools 12 and Pro Tools | First. The audio workstation, which has essentially redefined the pro audio industry since its inception, is once again changing the game.

    Slated to be released later in Q1 of 2015, Avid's Pro Tools 12 opens up the options of availability for artists, producers and engineers of all levels in a way that has never been done before. By offering the latest Pro Tools as a subscription-based service, users will have access to the latest software, upgrades, updates and support for a monthly or annual cost. Read Full Story

  • Jack Joseph Puig Introduces NAMM Meet The Maker Event


    With NAMM nearing closer and closer every day, the excitement is building for the Vintage King and NAMM H.O.T. Zone Meet The Maker event. This special panel discussion, moderated by multiple GRAMMY Award winner Jack Joseph Puig, will feature some of the biggest names in the pro audio industry talking about the technology and methodology behind their biggest products.

    Taking place on Friday, January 23, at 4PM in the Anaheim Convention Center's The Forum (203 A-B), the event will feature panelists EveAnna Manley of Manley Labs, Steven Slate from Slate Pro Audio and Slate Digital, Thomas Barefoot of Barefoot Sound and Peter Reardon of Shadow Hills Industries. With Jack Joseph Puig leading the conversation, this talk is sure to be spirited and informative. Read Full Story

  • Moog Faithfully Recreates Classic Synthesizers

    MoogSystem 55
    Since their start in 1953, Moog Music has been home to a stunning array of synthesizers, theremins, sound controllers and beyond. While they've continuously moved forward, innovating new items like Smartphone applications, the electronics giant has always kept an eye on their legacy. In 2015, Moog is bringing back some of their most formative pieces in a new line of Legacy Moog Modular Systems. Read Full Story

  • Make Your Mark With Rollin Weary Of I.V. Labs Studio


    Rollin Weary knows that gear doesn't make the hits, but it certainly adds something to the mix. As a recording engineer at I.V. Labs, a Chicago-based recording space, Weary works with bands to use the right mix of the studio's impeccable selection of vintage and modern gear. Read Full Story

  • The Differences Behind The Origin Effects Cali76


    As one of the most legendary pieces of recording equipment in our time, the Urei 1176 compressor has influenced more than its fair share of gear makers. Since the compressor's creation in 1966, there has been no more famous offspring than that of the Origin Effects Cali76.

    By minimizing the makeup of a studio-grade compressor into a pedal-size stompbox, the designers at Origin Effects have given the sonic gift of effortless compression to live and studio players everywhere. With 100% Class-A discrete signal path, extremely quick FET response and attack/release controls, the Cali76 follows the topology of the original with extreme detail. Read Full Story

  • Shure Updates A Classic With The 5575LE Unidyne


    With a simple mission in mind, Shure Microphones is giving their fans a 75th anniversary gift of epic proportions. While the Chicago-based company's history dates back to 1925, the big celebration is in honor the brand's famous 55 Unidyne microphone. "What we wanted to do was bring out something for people who adore this microphone," says Shure's Michael Petterson. Read Full Story

  • Make Your Mark With Jaron Luksa Of The Rattle Room


    As Jaron Luksa walked through the halls of the Berklee College of Music and peered through the doors of Studio A, he saw the desk that he would soon purchase for his own studio, The Rattle Room. "I saw the SSL there and was like 'Yup, I want to be sitting in that chair. I'll be cool there for the rest of my life,'" says Luksa. Read Full Story

  • Tracking With Johann Scheerer of Clouds Hill Recordings


    If you were to look at the building that houses Clouds Hill Recordings, one might think that it took years to find such a perfect place for tracking and mixing. Located just outside the hustle and bustle of Hamburg’s city center, the beautiful German studio space is secluded enough to give artists some much-needed space, while still remaining close to a cultural hub. Surprisingly, it was discovered by complete accident. Read Full Story

  • Ring In 2015 With The New Vintage King Credit Card


    Didn't get everything you were expecting to unwrap over the holidays? Have no fear, the brand new Vintage King credit card is here to help you make all of your gear dreams come true. Buying and financing new, used and vintage equipment has never been easier than with our handy new card. Read Full Story

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