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Best Service Epic World - Electronic Delivery

The perfect tool for composers and sound designers to create ambience for films, documentaries, video games and new age music

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Product Description
Additional Information
  • Product Description

    Best World Epic World is a sample library of unique sounds you won‘t find anywhere else. In a matter of seconds you can easily create inspiring cinematic landscapes, drones and beds. Soulful and emotional, its magical atmospheres and acoustic instruments will take you on a sonic trip to a fantasy world.

    Pushing the boundaries of soundscapes and sound design, Epic World blends unreal atmospheres with real sounds. Every evolving and organic drone has up to 8 different layers that can be simply tweaked to get an unlimited number of combinations. Never before has the creation of cinematic sonic landscapes been so intuitive. Epic World textures are derived from acoustic sources so all the amazing atmospheres you hear predominantly have a "real" as opposed to a synthesised sound.

    Epic World is a 7 GB library (24 Bit/ 44.1kHz) with more than 350 patches, including drones, pads, instruments, voices, whooshes, sfx and more than 1000 loops, instruments and vocal phrases. It contains a huge arsenal of sonic landscapes that go from bright to dark, from soft to powerful and from magical to haunting. Thanks to Best Service ENGINE 2 "more than a sample player" you will enjoy a beautiful, intuitive and easy to use interface. No further sampler is required.


    • African Drums Loops
    • African Fula Flute Phrases
    • African Fula Flute Phrases
    • Alto Flute Mystery Phrases
    • Arabian Flute Phrases
    • Arabian Plucked Strings
    • Bansuri I Phrases
    • Bansuri II Phrases
    • Bata Drums (Low-Mid-High)
    • Bata Drums Ensemble
    • Bata Loop
    • Bata Loop
    • Bata Loop
    • Big Ocarine Calls
    • Big Ocarine Loops
    • Big Ocarine Phrases
    • Big Ocarine
    • Bowls
    • Congas (Low-Mid-High)
    • Congas Ensemble
    • Crotales Tuned
    • Crystal Chimes I
    • Crystal Chimes II
    • Egyptian Ney Low Phrases
    • Egyptian New Phrases
    • Elven Forest Flute Calls
    • Enigma Flute I
    • Enigma Flute II
    • Fujara Fx
    • Fujara Fx Phrases
    • Fujara Grooves
    • Fujara Grooves
    • Fujara Long Notes
    • Fujara Staccato Harmonics
    • Hulusi Phrases
    • Hulusi
    • Jungle FX Short
    • Jungle FX Staccato
    • Jungle FX
    • Kow Xiang
    • Low Dizi Long Notes
    • Low Dizi Phrases
    • Low Dizi Slow Phrases
    • Low Duduk Phrases
    • Medieval Fidule
    • Medieval Fidule
    • Medieval Fidule
    • Meditation Bells
    • Music Box
    • Persian Santur
    • Quena Long Notes
    • Riqq
    • Sanza Chromatic
    • Sanza
    • Savanah Drums
    • Shaker
    • Shakuhachi Phrases
    • Shells
    • Shenai Long Notes
    • Shenai Phrases
    • Soft Gong
    • Stretching
    • Tibetan Bowls
    • Tribal Conga Rolls
    • Tribal Drums
    • Uruk-Hai War Horns
    • Xiao Long Notes
    • Xiao Phrases
    • Xiao Slow Phrases
    • African Solo Male
    • African Solo Male Yells
    • Elven Spoken Female
    • Female Nordic Rhythmic
    • Female Nordic Voices
    • Female Nordic Voices
    • Female Nordic Voices
    • Female Nordic Voices Slow
    • Female Nordic Voices Slow
    • Female Temple Voices Loud
    • Female Temple Voices Soft
    • Gregorian Monks
    • Indian Vocals I
    • Indian Vocals II
    • Indian Vocals III
    • Indian Vocals VI
    • Indian Vocals V
    • Lost Voices I
    • Lost Voices II
    • Lost Voices III
    • Lost Voices VI
  • Additional Information

    Condition New
    Software Delivery Electronic Delivery
    Virtual Instrument Type percussion, Brass and Woodwinds, World Instruments
    Plug-In Format AU, VST, Standalone
    Operating System Mac, Windows
    Sample Style World, Sound Effects
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