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Audio Ease BarbaBatch V4 - Electronic Delivery

Award-winning sound file conversion program for Mac

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Audio Ease
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Product Description
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  • Product Description

    Audio Ease BarbaBatch V4 is a batch sound file conversion program for Mac OSX.  It includes version 3.9 for Mac OS9.  All information on this page refers to the OSX version.  Please click here for info on the OS9 version.

    For over a decade BarbaBatch has been winning awards and acclaim for its top quality conversions.

    Its unrivaled samplerate conversion algorithm, its support for high end files like BWF, Sonic Solutions and 32 bit float files, its 192kHz sampling rate support and Redbook CD image extraction has made it popular among mastering engineers.

    A wide range of telephony formats together with dynamic compression and samplerate conversion that make low quality audio sound not as low as you'd expect, has made it exell in telephony audio.

    Smooth and fast batch capabilities and extensive logging, allowing tens of thousands of files to be converted to multiple output formats in one run make it the production choice for 6 out of 10 top selling computer games.

    Automated CD ripping of faded snippets to many streaming sound formats make it ideal for delivery of web based audio.

    "Best-Sounding, easiest to use batch audio file format conversion package" - Interactivity Magazine

    "The Best Conversion Tool Money Can Buy" MacWorld - Nominated for MacWorld Eddy

    "Excellent sound quality, fast processing,extensive file format support." - Key Buy - Keyboard Magazine

    "Best-Sounding, easiest to use batch audio file format conversion package" - Interactivity Magazine

    "Quick and Easy to use, BarbaBatch produces great sounding output, and it's the most efficient batch-processor" - Editors Choice award - Electronic Musician Magazine

    "Superior batch processing" - Top Tool award - Interactivity Magazine

    "Screaming-fast conversions with awesome-sounding results" - MacAddict Review

    Supported File Types:

    Dawn AIFF
    Sonic Solutions AIFF
    AIFC (uncompressed)
    AIFC IMA 4:1

    Audio CD Tracks

    IInteger/Float - Quicktime Movie
    IMA 4:1 - Quicktime Movie
    QDesign Music Basic (v1 v2) - Quicktime Movie
    Qualcomm Purevoice - Quicktime Movie
    u-law - Quicktime Movie
    a-law - Quicktime Movie
    MACE 3:1- Quicktime Movie
    MACE 6:1- Quicktime Movie
    MPEG 1 Layer I
    MPEG 1 Layer II
    MP3 (LAME codec)
    MP4 AAC
    Sound Designer I
    Sound Designer II
    Wave 32 bit Float (Samplitude)
    Wave u-law
    Wave a-law
    Microsoft ADPCM
    Broadcast Wave - MPEG II (compressed bwf)
    Broadcast Wave - PCM (uncompressed bwf)
    VOC 16 bit
    NeXT/Sun linear (.snd)
    NeXT/Sun u-law (.au)
    NeXT/Sun a-law (.au)
    System 7 Sound

    Dialogic Vox ADPCM (no header)
    Dialogic Vox PCM (no header)
    Dialogic Vox a-law (no header)
    Dialogic Vox u-law (no header)
    Pika (adpcm)
    .vap (single segment Dialogic ADPCM Annotated Voice)
    CCITT G.711 (8 bits a-law, 8 kHz)
    CCITT G.711 (8 bits u-law, 8 kHz)
    CCITT G.721 40 Kbps (4 bits ADPCM, 8 kHz)
    CCITT G.723 16 Kbps (2 bits ADPCM, 8 kHz)
    CCITT G.723 24 Kbps (3 bits ADPCM, 8 kHz)
    CCITT G.723 40 Kbps (5 bits ADPCM, 8 kHz)
    CCITT G.726 24 Kbps (3 bits ADPCM, 8 kHz)
    CCITT G.726 32 Kbps (4 bits ADPCM, 8 kHz)
    CCITT G.726 40 Kbps (5 bits ADPCM, 8 kHz)
    CCITT G.729 8 Kbps (CS-ACELP, 8 kHz)
    Amiga IFF/8SVX
    Paris linear (Ensoniq)
    Dyaxis MacMix (Studer)

    Redbook Audio CD Images (IMAGE.DAT or DDP)

  • Additional Information

    Condition New
    Software Delivery Electronic Delivery
    iLok Required No
    Plug-in Type Utility
    Plug-In Format Standalone
    Operating System Mac
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