API 1608 16-Channel Mogami Cable Kit - 20 ft

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Quick Overview

Includes 4x DB25 to XLRM, 2x DB25 to XLRF, 5x DB25 to DB25, 13x DB25 to TRS and 1x custom DB25 to 4x TRS and 4x XLRF
API 1608 16-Channel Mogami Cable Kit - 20 ft


Mogami has been the top choice for wiring professional recording studios for decades. Recording engineers have come to depend on Mogami's superior sound quality, clarity, silent background, and consistent quality. Mogami is so widely used that if you have commercially recorded music, chances are overwhelmingly good that Mogami is part of the vital signal chain.

API 1608 16-Channel Cable Kit - 20’ Mogami includes:

  • 4x Mogami Gold DB25 to XLRM -20'
  • 2x Mogami Gold DB25 to XLRF - 20'
  • 5x Mogami Gold DB25 to DB25 - 20'
  • 13x Mogami Gold DB25 to TRS - 20'
  • 1x Mogami Gold DB25 to 4x TRS and 4x XLRF - 20'

Mogami cables are backed with a lifetime warranty.

Additional Information

Condition New
Unit Weight N/A
Cable Length 20 ft
Cable Connectors No
Analog or Digital No
Digital Format N/A
Cable Color No

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