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Before moving to the music industry Mecca of Los Angeles, Vintage King Salesman Alex Oana got his start in recording in Minnesota. Falling in love with the art at a young age, Oana says he was inspired by “standing behind [his] dad’s speakers, feeling the bass when [he] was three.” What would follow was a lifelong love affair with crafting sound to make compelling recordings that move people emotionally and express something true about the human experience.

Even while he was producing and engineering in world-class SSL, Neve, and API rooms in Minnesota, California was calling. Decamping his private Citycabin studios to California, the producer, mixer and arranger further cemented his place in the music industry by developing a discography of work that featured an array of indie and major label artists. All the while, Oana's interests and talents carried him to handling front of house sound responsibilities for N.E.R.D and writing for Pro Audio Review, Pro Sound News, Audio Media and Sound on Sound.

When Alex Oana and Vintage King connected over common ground in 2010 he began working as a sales member at our Los Angeles store. “Vintage King is where we connect people to the tools and techniques they use to enhance their expression through sound,” Oana states. “We totally get it because we are musicians and engineers.” Ever the motivated individual, Alex worked hard helping clients find the right pro audio gear while continuing in parallel his incredible run of production and live sound jobs.

After more than a year at Vintage King, he struck up a relationship with Slate Digital and Slate Pro Audio, which lead to him inventing a breakthrough product called The RAVEN. The Slate creation is an innovative, first-of-kind multi-touch DAW controller. Helming a creative team and working intimately on the system’s software and hardware design, Oana completed the project in two years, delivering professional products to market that won over pro audio critics and music producers alike.

Upon returning to Vintage King in early 2014, Alex Oana has once again brought his incredible hands-on experience with gear, production and pro audio products to his clients worldwide, as well as those he feels fortunate to meet in Los Angeles. “It’s a great place for the community to share knowledge, expertise, and for us to support our customers,” says Oana. If you’re looking for that special something to achieve your sound, Alex is the man to make your audio dreams a reality.

Q & A

What's your favorite piece of gear?

Vintage tube mic.

How did you become interested in recording?

Standing behind my dad’s speakers, feeling the bass when I was 3.

What made you want to work at Vintage King?

Vintage King is the finest pro audio sales company. It’s also a family company made up of very talented people who I call friends.

What record do you point to as an example of perfect music production?

Peter Gabriel's So