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AKG C 414 Four--Pattern LDC Mic #3539 (Vintage)

Multi-pattern LDC microphone

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Product Description
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  • Product Description

    Excellent all-purpose microphone that really shines on vocals and acoustic instruments, but works well on almost anything.




    The AKG 414 Series of microphones continue a long tradition of excellence that starts with the legendary C12 tube mic, with its equally legendary CK12 capsule able to produce nine polar patterns. The cylindrical C12 morphed into the smaller trapezoid shape of the C12A and C12B when the miniature Nuvistor tube was adopted. It morphed again into the C 412, the first of the FET designs, which had a choice of the three major polar patterns instead of nine. This was slightly expanded in the nearly-identical C 414, which had 4 polar patterns.

    The big change came in 1976 with the C 414 EB. The prior mics used a trapezoid shaped adapter to provide a stand mount as well as cable output. The EB model was the first to use a built-in xlr output, thus taking on the iconic form factor that the 414 Series retains to this day. The other major change was the addition of switches for -20 dB pad, and 50 Hz bass rolloff. But the biggest change came during the middle of the production run of the EB model, when AKG discontinued making the elaborate and expensive CK 12 'brass ring' style capsule, and replaced it with a CK12 that used a teflon ring to hold the membrane in place. With the change to the newer CK 12 capsule, the modern era of the 414 Series began.


    From the original brochure:  

    "The AKG C-412 and C-414 are professional studio condenser microphones designed to meet the highest requirements in any recording application.

    Both microphones incorporate a 1" twin-diaphragm condenser microphone capsule which permits selection of polar patterns by means of a switch located on the microphone body.

    The C-412 has three selectable patterns:

    • 1) Omni-dlirectional
    • 2) Cardioid
    • 3) Figure-eight

    The C-414 permits selection of four directional patterns:

    • 1) Omni-directional
    • 2) Cardioid
    • 3) Hyper-cardioid
    • 4) Figure-eight


    Both microphone preamplifiers are also equipped with an output attenuation switch (C-412 :-20dB; C414:-14dB). In addition to the F.E.T. preamplifier the units also incorporate a d.c. converter which provides the polarizing voltage for the twin -diaphragm capsules.

    The microphone preamplifier may be powered via a phantom circuit directly off the input equipment's (console, tape recorder, etc.) amplifier B + supply. Separate power supplies, such as the AKG N-46E or N-6E a.c. power supplies and the B-46E d.c. battery power supply, are also available."

    Brass-ring CK12 Capsule

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    Condition Used / Vintage
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