AES Afterglow & Demo Day at Chung King Studios

Join Vintage King, Chung King Studios, Focal Press, Mojave, Royer Labs, Barefoot Sound and Shadow Hills Industries for the fifth annual AES Afterglow, the premier recording industry after-party, taking place during the 2013 AES Convention.

Walk in to the legendary Chung King Studios throughout the day for exclusive demo sessions by Mojave, Royer Labs, Barefoot Sound and Shadow Hills Industries, then mix and mingle the night away with industry professionals at the very studio where some of the most seminal hip-hop records were recorded, earning it the title "The Abbey Road of Rap."


Afterglow Gallery


About the Sponsors

Vintage King Audio is a global leader in professional audio sales, studio consulting, and comprehensive gear servicing. No matter the scope of a client's needs or goals, from selecting a new microphone to designing a studio from the ground up, Vintage King distinguishes itself with standard-setting customer service, which begins with the company's knowledgeable, industry-experienced staff. Far surpassing the basic functions of an audio dealer, however, Vintage King Audio values its long-standing partnerships with manufacturers and stays connected with the professional audio community through hosting frequent events, panel discussions, and product launches.

Chung King Studios gained international attention in the 1980s by spawning the landmark commercial presence of Rap, and its sub-genre, Hip-Hop. This was due in large part to their early work with artists such as the Beastie Boys, LL Cool J and Run DMC. As a result of the success achieved by these, and other Rap artists who recorded there, the studio came to be known as the "Abbey Road of Rap."

For over 20 years, they have worked and developed relationships with prominent artists in a wide-range of genres. With their in-depth understanding of the creative process and the technology behind it, industry icon John King developed Chung King Studios into one of the most successful and respected audio recording and production facilities in the world. It is by no coincidence that these genres, which were far from mainstream in the 80s, first found the formula for the commercial success at Chung King.

Focal Press has been a leading publisher of Media Technology books for more than 70 years. We provide essential resources for professionals and students in many areas including audio engineering, music recording and production, film and digital video production, and broadcast and media distribution. We are committed to publishing high quality books filled with practical hands-on information, dealing with cutting-edge and converging technologies from the experts in the field. You will find practical solutions to problems, examples you can apply to your work, and valuable insights that will help you keep up-to-date in these highly competitive fields. From the latest in mastering and mixing, to live sound, using Pro Tools, Logic and Ableton, to the standards for audio metering, we deliver to you the techniques that have proved successful for professionals, and inspire you to go further with your craft. For a full catalog, visit

Royer Labs was formed in 1998 to bring David Royer's unique, modern ribbon microphone designs to the world. When they first opened their doors, ribbon mics had been largely forgotten, but the R-121 and SF-12 quickly captured the imagination of recording enthusiasts around the world. This new generation of ribbon microphones proved to be a perfect match to the rise in popularity of digital recording as engineers rediscovered the warmth, analog feel and smooth sound of ribbons. Today, Royers are found in professional studios and on live stages all around the world.

David Royer started Mojave Audio in 1985 in the garage of his house. The location was Fullerton, California, and Mojave Audio was a one-man, custom pro audio gear shop. David is best known for his ribbon microphone designs with Royer Labs, but he originally started out designing and building vacuum tube microphones, mic preamps and compressors for engineers in the Los Angeles area. Since the mid 1990s, David's custom Mojave products have been used on a number of well-known recordings and have achieved legendary status among a small circle of high-end engineers. Mojave Audio Inc. was launched in 2005 to bring David's condenser mic designs to the world.

The world of Shadow Hills Industries takes high-quality discrete audio paths with versatile controls to meet the demands of modern recording and wraps them with striking antique military aesthetics. The vintage-inspired knobs and heavy-duty mechanical switches inspire users to explore all tonal options Shadow Hills units can offer. With rugged construction and superior components, they will serve for years to come. From GAMA mic preamps, Dual Vandergraph and Mono Optograph compressors, innovative summing/monitor controllers like The Equinox, and all the way up to the top of the line Mastering Compressor, Shadow Hills manufactures hardware that lets engineers really grab ahold of their recordings.

Barefoot Sound was founded on the ambition to create a new breed of studio monitor. While project studios were sprouting up all over the world, filled with outstanding gear, yet with limited space, Thomas Barefoot recognized the need for a speaker that could transcend the traditional distinctions between near-field, main and mastering monitors. He created the perfect workhorse monitors. Translating effortlessly and never requiring second guessing, Barefoot monitors are multifunctional masterpieces. With a range of studio monitors that fit into a small physical space with cutting-edge technology and astounding clarity, Barefoot has set the new standard. And they're hand-crafted in the USA!

Top mixing engineer Dave Pensado (Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, Mariah Carey, Elton John, Michael Jackson, and more) talks all things music and audio in his weekly show, Pensado's Place. Pensado gives insights into his career and teaches how to get that "platinum record" sound in the mix. The show includes interviews with top music industry artists,engineers, producers, mixers, and record executives, as well as in depth tutorials in engineering and mixing.

Gearslutz is the worlds biggest forum for professional and amateur recording engineers to share techniques and advice. Over 200,000 recording engineers & producers from around the world have registered to discuss recording equipment, techniques and music business issues relating to recorded music. Many more people read the forum unregistered. The forum focuses on all genres of music production including rock, folk, classical, blues, jazz, electronic rap and hip hop and film and TV post production. VIP recording engineers and producers take part in regular open Q & A sessions. The forum has over 1.9 million unique visits per month. At peak times there can be over 15,000 people viewing the forum at one time.