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The annual AES Convention will once again bring together the world’s largest group of audio engineers, producers, gearmakers and beyond. Vintage King and its team will be there interacting with the recording community and getting a first look at the new innovative equipment on display on the show floor.

Vintage King Booth #926 to Boost Re-Release Debuts by AMS Neve & Spectra Sonics

Vintage King has teamed up with key manufacturers and partners to make this a very special AES. Vintage King booth will feature and debut exciting new products. All of the gear from the following manufacturers is all wired and ready to demo: AMS Neve, Overstayer, Buzz Audio, Barefoot Sound, Mesanovic Mics, Inward Connections, Spectra Sonics, Standard Audio, Q2 Audio, Buzz Audio, UnderTone Audio, Ultimate Stands, Triad-Orbit and IZ Technology’s Radar.

Check out the newest gear from AES

We’ll constantly be updating our website with all the hottest new gear straight from the floor at AES. Keep checking back to see what’s being released.

Vintage King Hosted Events Throughout AES 2015
10/30 | 4pm to 6pm - Revolutionary Trinnov Event at Flux Studios

On Friday, October 30 from 4pm to 6pm, Vintage King Audio is organizing an opportunity to see and hear the revolutionary monitor controller, room correction and metering systems from French innovators Trinnov. The event will be hosted at Fab Dupont’s Flux Studios at 154 E 2nd St, New York, NY 10009.

10/31 | 6pm - Seventh Annual AES After-Party, Afterglow

This year, Afterglow will be held at the gorgeous DiMenna Center for Classical Music that is located nanoseconds away from the convention. Built in 2011, The DiMenna Center is New York City's only acoustically optimized rehearsal and state-of-the-art recording space dedicated to classical music. With its warm beauty and innovative design, The DiMenna Center is the ideal site to host the seventh installment of Afterglow.