Fill out our form for trading and selling gear. Be sure to include quality photos of the front and rear of the pieces you wish to include.
Get an estimate
We'll provide you with an estimate of what your gear is worth. If you have proposed a trade we'll let you know if it has been approved (we will contact you within 3 business days).
Pack up your gear tightly with plenty of padding and send it to us. Gear too big to ship? Let us know and we'll help you work something out.
Once we receive the gear and everything checks out, you get paid. If we accept your trade offer, we'll ship what you traded for.
1. If you have microphones that you would like to sell, please be sure to include pictures of the inside of the unit, as well as a closeup image of the capsule. Not sure how to open up your mic without damaging it? Contact us and we will help you out.

2. The value of your gear depends on the the condition that it is in when we receive and inspect it. Be sure to tell us up-front about any issues or blemishes. If the piece is not in working condition, that is ok too, just let us know.

3. An estimate is not a guarantee of the value of your items.
Note : Although we'll consider every trade-in request, there are some items we cannot accept and others, depending on customer demand, that may not be right for Vintage King. We are always looking for vintage and newer analog gear from brands we carry, no matter the condition. We may accept newer digital equipment, depending on our current stock, as well as some older digital effects.

At this time, we cannot accept keyboards, drum machines, instruments, or accessories, including stands, cables, and some DI boxes.  
Packing Help
1. Shipping one item per box is preferred to ensure safety.

2. Package all sides of your item(s) with 2” of large size bubble wrap.

3. Ship your items in a new box to prevent shipping damage.

4. Use 3" of loose fill (preferably foam packing peanuts) to surround all sides of your item when placed in the box.

5. Please include all original packaging and manuals if available. There is no need to include the power cable.

6. Insure your package(s). Vintage King is not responsible for any damage that may occur during shipment.