What our customers have to say


Solid 10+++ across the board for Ryan (McGuire) and Nick (Buzinski) on this last transaction, and the one before that, and every time. I love my experiences dealing with these guys. Best of the best. A big THANK YOU to these guys. Excellent service. Top notch. I consider this my best relationship w/any dealer I have dealt w/regarding recording gear. I have been "full time" engineer since 2002. These guys are gems. I associate Vintage King being "awesome" because of my dealings w/them. Not being overzealous, just giving due credit in response to this email. I'll be dealing w/Ryan/Nick for years to come hopefully.

Danny S.
Austin, TX


Hey Jeffrey (Ehrenberg),

I had 2 Grammy wins this year - Ray LaMontagne & Carolina Chocolate Drops. Both made with help from Vintage King!

Ryan Freeland


Hi Jeff (Leibovich)

That's what I call good service. Thanks for getting everything to use so quickly so we can get to work.

Tommaso Colliva (Muse, Twilight Singers, Mark Lanegan)


Ryan McGuire and the entire VK team went above and beyond to help us build our studio. They worked within our deadlines and were able to get us the best gear on the market. We couldn't be happier with the outcome.

Imagine Dragons


The sonic richness, warmth and depth of sound I would credit to API and Shadow Hills. The foresight and knowledge required to make the right kit choices at the right time is a huge credit to Chris Boltiho and Vintage King.

Thanks Chris!

RW Smith, Film Composer, rwsmithisdead.com


Nick and Ryan,

Your amazing level of service is why I continue to make my studio purchases through you guys.

Way to be an example of how to do biz.

- Brian K, TX


Thank you Jason, your expertise, time and effort has been critical in our goal to achieve a higher level of sound quality and this is very much appreciated!!

John T.


Hey Jeff (Leibovich),

Thanks for checking in. The short answer is yes. I know you're a busy guy so you don't need to read on. If you do have a moment I wanted to say THANK YOU! You and the Vintage King crew are great. Cedric was very helpful and always answered his phone. When you're a small guy out here with a pile of technology it feels really great to know that the team that help put this together has your back. I felt 100% taken care of by you guys and always felt like you had my back. Thanks a ton! I really appreciate all that you guys have done and are doing for me.

Thanks again. Please pass on my gratitude to anyone who helped that I don't know. I'm very happy.

Take care,

Scott (Seattle, WA)

My experience of working with Vintage King was nothing short of first-rate. The ability to have candid dialogue was extremely important to me, and it was very helpful to cut right through sales rhetoric. It was extraordinarily comforting to know that I could pick-up the phone day or night and get honest answers in a timely fashion. As you can see from the pic, Vintage King products hold a premium position in our music control room.

John Murray
Chair, Recording Arts
Flashpoint, The Academy of Media Arts and Sciences
Hi Amanda,
I just got the fedex tracking information. 
Thanks again SO MUCH for your help, advocacy on my behalf and communication.  Best online pro-audio purchasing experience ever. 
Adam G.
Portland, OR
BTW, I would like to thank VK for the wonderful sales assistance, service, and prices. This was my first purchase with you, and it won't be my last. I only wish I'd discovered you years ago!

Anthony T

Hey man (Darrin Fendley),

Everything arrived last week and is fantastic. I really couldn't be happier.

Thanks for a great experience, I will certainly be back.

All the best

Tre S, Ireland


Hi Mike,
As a new VK customer, I was a little nervous when I placed a recent $22,000 studio upgrade order. I've received excellent service along the way, but I especially wanted to highlight the exceptional efforts of Amanda Stimmel.

To make a long story short, after delivery of my two Four Space Racks from Mid Atlantic were botched by FedEx two times in a row, Amanda came to my rescue and had the shipment promptly replaced by Mid Atlantic. Amanda's responses to me both by phone and email were prompt and reassuring, and she kept me posted all along the way about her progress. When she said she would get back to me at a certain time, that's exactly what she did. She listened carefully to my concerns, addressing each one, and made me feel that I could trust VK to take care of me after the sale is done.

I want you to know that I will definitely put Vintage King at the top my my list for my studio equipment needs as a result of her efforts.


Keith F
Aliso Viejo, CA


Jeff (Ehrenberg)-

I received the Helios and API 527's. The Helios sound insane with a 414 and acoustic guitar. What a difference!
Sean H

Hi Ryan!
I just wanna take a few minutes to tell you how much I enjoyed my first Vintage King experience. In almost 20 years in Pro audio buying, never did I receive a unit so well packed and exactly as described. Works flawlessly. The whole process has been so smooth. I will never hesitate to do business with you guys in the future and will recommend you to everyone I know. Thanks very very much.

Martin C
Thanks for all your help and the great service. I work for a manufacturer in the industry, but you guys are not only where I like to shop, but also where I send my friends who need high end gear. It’s always nice to see someone still cares about high end products and customer service.

Erik K,
Henderson, Colorado
Thanks Amanda.  I have received them and will get them shipped back later this week.
Ryan, Thanks so much for the fantastic service and support.  You guys are fantastic to work with... you have a customer for life.
Mark P.
Lancaster PA
You guys are great. i'm gonna purchase all my gear with you guys. you guys are like my new one stop shop.thanks for all your help!

Kenneth H.
Ludowici, GA

I had a very nice business with Mrs. Akane Nakamura.

Her response was very quick and polite.

When I need to purchase gear in the future, I will shop from Mrs.Akane at Vintage King.

Thank you again.

Susumu Arasaki


Again, I appreciate the price reductions...Sweetwater doesn't exactly do that...

Take care,

I must say this was a good experience for me. Jeffery Ehrenberg was my sales representative and he was just great to work with. He was very positive, helpful and knew the product lines very well. I will definitely be coming back to VK when I can afford it again!

Thank You!
Mike H
Thornton, CO

Hey Mike,
Just wanted to say that I was very happy with Darrin Fendley’s handling of my console sale / purchasing of new setup. It was very complicated and he was great - knowledgable, responsive, smart. You got a good one there.

Thanks also for the example you set for running an honest, service oriented business in the midst of this environment of spin, hype, half-truths and deception.

Keep it up brother!

Doug Mcbride/Chicago

Hi Jeff (Leibovich)!

First of all, I would like to thank you for the great treatment and good advice. I received the API Lunchbox + 2 512c, and it sounds great, just as expected.

Yohay - Israel

yes, fantastic service and prompt delivery!!!

will be shopping with you again for sure

many thanks

Simon K
United Kingdom


Please tell Ryan that I said, "Thank you very much..." for the great service and the discount! As I mentioned to him, as we expand this new facility, I will give you guys first chance at our business. I have been a Full Compass customer for many years, but with the warm reception and considerate discount, Vintage King, Detroit, has moved into first place for our future orders.

Thank you again for your note!

William M
North Carolina


Although I haven’t had a chance to turn it on…I have played with all of the knobs and switches…

I wanted to reach out to you all and say what a great pleasure it is, in this day and age, to do business with such a professional and consumer-centric organization. you run a great organization in a increasingly difficult-to-satisfy world.

I really appreciate all the hard work you put in to help me in my anal-retentive struggle to get the best out of my equipment.

I know we have more business together down the road. Never hesitate to use me as a reference. you run a great organization in a increasingly difficult-to-satisfy world.

I have great respect for what you have accomplished and continue to do so on a daily basis.

My best to you all and talk to you soon!!

LG, Texas


Hi Jeff (Ehrenberg),
I got the U47. Picked it up at FedEx on Friday actually. As you already know it sounds great, and I’m very happy. Knowing I have a fully recapped, clean unit is a real comfort. I want to thank you for great service. Your willingness to help me out was great. :)

Again, I’m very happy!!! I will definitely turn to Vintageking in the future.


Howdy Mike,

My name is Matt Heck and I purchased a Neumann U48 from Vintage King last week. I am writing to let you know what a fantastic experience I had with Ryan McGuire.

I have worked with Ryan before to purchase new products like UA reissue units and K&H monitors, but this was the first time I was considering spending a fairly large sum on a vintage item. In fact, I initially contacted Ryan about trading a couple of microphones and applying them towards a “replica brand" U48, and was just asking a couple of questions about the vintage 48's on your site.

Ryan very graciously offered to send them both for me to demo. When I expressed some trepidation about having two expensive mics in my care, Ryan offered to take them into the studio, put them through the paces, and report back with pertinent details. After doing exactly that, we had a discussion about the potential applications, and decided on the best candidate. Ryan also noticed a couple of issues with the mic that needed some attention, and he had one of your techs resolve the matters before shipping.

As I was still uncertain about spending twelve thousand dollars on a mic, I was hoping to be able to hear one of a “replica brand's" U48 offerings. We agreed that it needed to be a 48, and not a 47 to insure an “apples to apples” comparison. Ryan went through great lengths to procure a Tele 48 from your LA location. When the mic arrived with some shipping damage, he quickly generated shipping documentation and contacted service in Connecticut to arrange for a hasty repair, generously allowing me to hang on to the vintage 48 in the interim. Naturally, I accused him of trying to get me attached to it :).

Ryan was also extremely flexible in dealing with my indecision on a couple of trade items. First, he allowed me to return an RCA 77dx I had purchased from VK in June at full value to apply towards the trade. Second, he accommodated my change of heart on one of my trade in items - I had sent my 2-LA-2 to be part of the trade. It had already been photographed and was posted to the web site. He kindly removed it while I was trying to decide if I couldn't live without it.

I apologize for the length of this note, but I suppose it reflects the length of time it took for all the details of this transaction to be finalized. Even though it must have required a good deal of Ryan's time, he was always gracious and solution oriented - a true gentleman.

I know Vintage King has much larger clients, but I doubt you have any that are more satisfied.

Warmest Regards,

Matt Heck
Austin, TX

Dear Mike,

I just want to thank you for your advises on the:

1. Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor: I can't take it out from my master bus chain, knowing that I bought it to use in my mastering room!!!! Please advise??
2. AEA R88 Microphone: what an amazing mic on strings!!!!
3. Antelope 10 M & Trinity: why spend money on expensive converters when the antelope can do the job, its like Mono/Stereo A-B comparison, GREAT...
4. ELAM 251, No comment... Its my number 1 mic specially on female vocals..
5. Lexicon PCM 96: this is a real Lexicon... Finally
6. Barefoot Sound MM 27: What you hear is what you get.
7. Eventide H-8000: its not easy to use BUT ... Its the FX factory...


Jean-Marie Riachi

JMR Productions & Publishing
28th Street, Rue des Oliviers, Rabieh, Lebanon
T +961 4 522111 M +961 3 884455 F +961 3 808331
www.jmr-productions.com | www.oreole.com

Dear Jacob,
Of course it was worth the wait! the mic is like expected. Vintage mics are my first choice, I'm always looking in your "used & vintage" section, also for preamps. I've appreciate the gift that I've found in the pakage! I really want to thank you for your interest. see you for the next deal!

Best Regards,
Andrea T

Hello (Jeff Leibovich),

Get my order today, very good.
thank you, come back to you soon.


Wow you guys rule! Once again many thanks, your actions and attitude got you a customer for life.

One very happy Jeremy


Mike, you are a very nice guy and you do your job so well that you become a friend with your clients!

Thank you for the good advise that you always give me! When economy picks up I will start buying more gear from you!
Victor M, Miami, FL


Jeff (Leibovich),

That sounds great, let's proceed with the API 500VPR 10 slot. Are you still doing the 8 modules/free rack deal?

Same billing and shipping please.

Thanks Jeff, it's always a pleasure dealing with you.

Markus - Canada



I just wanted to let you know that I have had a fantastic experience dealing with Rebecca Smith through this whole 8816 thing being sent back to Neve for repair. She has updated me frequently, she has checked in on status often, and she has been a huge help. I just wanted to let you know that as I hear you are her supervisor/boss. Thanks so much and I hope all is well.
Stephen F

Jeff (Leibovich),
Elop has just been racked in the studio…what a beauty!

I’d like to thank you for your excellent service and support, you’ve been very kind and patient with me, I really appreciate it.

With no doubt I’ll keep on buying gear from you and recommend your great service.

All the best
Hi Darrin

Thank you for amazing service, look forward doing business with you
again. Gear is unfortunately a thing you can never get enough off :)

All the best :)

Benjamin, Faroe Islands
Jeff (Ehrenberg),

What a truly positive experience dealing with you/Vintage King. Attached is a copy of the mail tracking and insurance info for you!

See you on the next project!

Thanks again,
Will D

Thanks Mike!

I'll let you know on when the SSL G+ we bought from you arrives, Kamm your shipping manager has been great and we are looking to install the first week of February.


Chris Davie
Sr. VP & Director of Operations
SAE Institute USA

Hey Jeff, everything is going great.. all the mics, the pre and the compressor sound amazing and we're totally happy. Thank you so much for taking such good care of us !! happy new year brother

Dan B, Baltimore
Thanks Vintage
Goods came in so quick and in perfect time & thanks for the value. The eqs are in and sound great.

Cheers and Happy New Year
Peter D, Australia
Wow barefoots sound great never heard a monitor like them - plenty loud can't imagine what the mm27's sound like. craftsmanship is impeccable. tell Amanda thanks for her help and pro attitude

Doug T

Jeff (Leibovich),

I have the mics. They are a thing of beauty. Can't wait to try them out.

Thanks again for your help and excellent customer service.


Hi Ryan!
Hey, I want to thank you for the wonderful service you’ve given me this year (which is almost over); it’s been a real pleasure working with you! You’re always well informed, professional, courteous and efficient, not to mention you always take good care of me.

So, I’m wishing you a Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy and prosperous 2010. Man, it just doesn’t look right, 2010… Anyway, I look forward to more dealings with you next year.

Thanks again, bud, I really do appreciate all you’ve done for me!!!

Also, best to the entire VK team --- you guys/gals get top marks across the board…!

Best from SF,
Hi there Darrin,

nice to hear from you the comps are great it all came in fine the packaging was very good and im really happy with the service thank you for your time and help i look forward to some new purchases in the new year so ill give you a call..

All the best and have a happy new year..

dood the wunder pafour is great! used on some vocals the other day with a 57! sounded great!!

P.S I've been REALLY happy with VK service. thanks!
Hi Jeff (Leibovich),
As usual you and Mike are The Best! Loving my Dangerous Buss2 LT..... Thanks to you both!

Hey Guys!
Just wanted to thank you for the awesome 1176F! It sounds better than my friend's rev D (so throw that myth out the window... ) You guys rock!

Ryan H, Los Angeles
The Avedis MA5 we got from you guys is outstanding!

Great stuff! I've been clocking an 002 unit to it by SPDIF and using it as my AD front end (I have an SPL channel one and a True Systems P-solo that feed it). I have been very pleased with the solid, clear sound and how it is sitting in the mix. Thanks again for your speedy service. Now I just wish my 002 had word clock i/o!

David W, Alabama
Jeff (Leibovich),

Thank you for responding so promptly with your proposed scenarios. I'm a bit frustrated, yes, but you have pretty much won gold for customer service. I'll wait to hear back.

Chris, Canada
Thanks for all of your help throughout the year.  The gear you've recommended to me has really made a wonderful impact in the sound and tone of my recordings.  A Happy and Healthy New Year to you and yours.

Kind regards,
Jeff F, Chicago

Jeff (Leibovich), I got the Avalon yesterday, thanks! Everything looks great so far and you guys did a great job of checking and packaging a piece of gear that was used.

Thanks again and all the best to you!
Danny O.

Hey jeff just received the avedis ma5 and the api lunchbox. I had it setup in just minutes! Thanx! You were not kidding bout it having a big sound. I plugged in my bass guitar and wow! Jeez its really transparent. The next thing to get is mojave ma 200 hopefully soon. I will keep u posted, thanx again.

Merry Christmas Darrin and thank you very much for everything you've done for me. I received all the items today from my friend of Princeton and I'm going to check everything out in the week end, just to be sure there are no problems. I am really happy and excited and I'll let you know how much I will appreciate the results in the recording session. I hope I can count on you for the future!

Happy new year in advance. Bye.
Hi Ryan,
I couldn't thank you more for your quick great service.
The Bricasti M7 just came in time so i can use it for the new Herbie Hancock album.

Much Appreciated!
Helik Hadar
Mike i really thank you for all your service, the Neve modules sound exquisite!

Juan Antonio Paez, Cubo Estudio
Dear Mike,

Just to thank you for the AMAZING Retro 176, the vocals on is wawwwwwwwww!

Jean Marie Riachi, Lebanon


That was fast! :)

I want to say thanks again to the vintage king team. My three orders with you were perfect in price, communication and speed.

Kind Regards,

Hi Mike!
I've been having a ball with the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor and the LaChapell mic pre you sold me! My mixes have been improved 100 percent due to these two pieces. Thank you so much for the guidance and letting me demo these guys!

Jody B, Virginia
Mike and Jeff, I know you have been very nice to us , and very responsible... Actually, one of the person in this industry mentioned to us: you will have problems of different kinds with all dealers, except Mike N of Vintage King.... My pleasure & luck to know you both!

Hello Jeff,
Everything is working perfekt and as you see of the picture they have found them self a new home :) very happy for the good service!!

Thanks and Best Regards,
So I got the unit yesterday in the morning. I used it all day and the thing is KILLER. It's just so nice. Tell your guys at the shop that they did an excellent job putting everything together!

Also, it is ULTRA clean. No hums no nothing: just the sound of neve compression SMEARED all over! Good shit!

Again, the new unit is great. I'm very happy with the job you guys did. It was worth the wait. Very clean job - and thats coming from a guy who went to art school!

Pleasure doing business with you.
Ivan B, Washington, DC
Thanks so much Ryan!! You have really been great to work with, and I plan on using you for all my future gear purchases. You have been honest, fair, and absolutely wonderful to work with, and as a result I will always come to you first for all my gear needs.

Thomas H, North Carolina
Yo Rick...they arrived today (Quad Eight 312A)...look beautiful..and great packing job.

Thanks to all of you..look forward to dealing again.
Brendon O, Washington

Hello Jeff,
I've been meaning to email you and thank you again for all your help with the Mytek converters they worked out great! (ADC/DAC 96) You made the transaction very smooth and I appreciate it! I'll contact you again after we see how the year is shaping up. Thanks again for your professional service.

Keith M, California
Hey Ryan,
Vintage King is by far the greatest music store I had to do with ever! If you don't know, it also seems you have an incredibly good reputation over here in our small country! Just want to let you know :-)

Alexander S, Denmark
It sounds great (AK47), I'm very happy with the results. I was emailing to thank you for going the extra mile to resolve this problem. So I really appreciate your knowledge and exceptional customer service skills. U have earned a loyal customer!

Thanx again,
Eddie, Chicago
I just wanted to take a few minutes and thank you for either initiating, facilitating, or orchestrating the mods / remedy of the 2 Inward Connections Mix 690s.

I understand that these mods cost either or both you and Steve time and money.

I also realize, that this would have not happened without your direct or indirect aptly applied influence.

To be clear, I was a fan of you and Vintage King before.

The great deals, the great service, as well as the blurb on the Producers page, all help me buy right, stretch my dollar, and keep my name out there.

But your performance with this issue, has really cemented things for me.

Suffice it to say, that as long as I'm buying gear, you'll be the one Im buying it from.

Thanks again,
Sean M, Pennsylvania

Thank you again, I appreciate your help and VK's awesome customer service - you all are living up to your stellar reputation.

The D-Box is working perfectly and the new cable is too. Fantastic service from you guys... I'll definitely be coming back to VK as soon as my pockets start feeling heavy again. Best service I get from any pro audio company I've dealt with (and I've dealt with many...).

Sasha, London, England