If it's recording obsessed, it's Vintage King. If it's tweaky and technical yet music motivated, it's definitely Vintage King. And if you've ever found yourself tipping a beer at 2am, arguing about how to get the best snare tone, you're most certainly Vintage King too. Welcome. 
Everyday around the world, engineers and musicians lead the Vintage King lifestyle, and so do we. Brothers and studio owners Mike and Andrew Nehra founded Vintage King in the early '90s with a passion for music and a dedication to seeking out the best quality pro audio gear. What started in their small studio back room now serves like-minded people all over the world — with multiple buildings in Detroit, stores in Los Angeles and Nashville where you can "try before you buy", plus trusted sales guys in many major cities, who can show up on your doorstep to talk gear in person.
At Vintage King, customer service is and always will be central. We make getting gear easy (and fun), standing behind everything we do with a free extended warranty. So, whether you're scoping out a new console or getting your first real-deal preamp, we'd love to help you out. Ultimately, we're committed to providing the best gear, the most passionate and experienced staff, and an all-around customer experience that surpasses your expectations. All of us recognize that we're in the "human" business, and we're proud of the relationships we've built with clients over the past 20 years. We'd love the opportunity to grow with you, too.
can we do better?
Of course we can — and you can help. We’re a company that values feedback and really listens, willing to adapt to make our customers happy. If you can think of something that we can do better, or if you ever feel like your experience was less than amazing, please directly contact our owner, Andrew Nehra.